You May Need To Move To Eastern Europe To Get Your Happy On

Well, it looks like young, Eastern Europeans between the ages of 16 and 24 are the happiest demographic on the continent according to the Economist. Who would have thought? In the video above, Londoners were asked which Europeans they thought were the happiest. Results varied across the map, with a majority leaning towards Southern Europe. “Southern Europeans appear to me to be happy because of their lifestyle. It’s the wine and the food and it’s just the general joy to be,which they just express. And even if they are bit cross, they say it in a nice way,” remarked one interviewee.

One respondent came extremely close. “I don’t know much about Northeastern Europe, but the furthest east up in is to Berlin. Its a young optimistic set of people there, very optimistic.”

Eastern Europe consists of?Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, the Slovak Republic, and Ukraine. And while the political history of the region has been rife with crisis, the burgeoning democracy has the younger generation?feeling optimistic and purposeful.

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