Why This Startup Investor Moved To Nigeria & Focuses on Emerging Markets

Alis?e de Tonnac is the CEO and co-founder of Seedstars World, an investment firm that focuses on?fast-growing markets and emerging startup scenes, with the purpose of providing a platform for startups to compete for funding through its exclusive startup competition. The firm’s?vision is to reduce unemployment in emerging markets through the promotion and investment in entrepreneurship. The company, which started in 2013 is now in over 55 countries.


As a co-founder,?de Tonnac realized the value in being close to the market that she serves. A little over three months ago, she moved from her home base in Geneva, Switzerland to Lagos, Nigeria?to live & participate in one of the biggest, upcoming tech hubs on the planet and learn from innovative & like-minded entrepreneurs.

According to her,emerging markets are centers of innovation. Nigeria, Colombia and Indonesia are no longer symbols of corruption, drug wars or overpopulation, but actual incubators where talented entrepreneurs live.In the video above she explains why emerging markets have become her?focus and how the future of innovation lies in these?economies.

Image: SeedStars World

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