1339800946928.cachedAfricans love a lot of things, with comedy and humor definitely being among them. Despite some of the problems that the continent faces, citizens strive to maintain a cheerful demeanor. ?So, with that being said, it is no wonder that we are so supportive of our beloved comedians who make it so easy for us to laugh, not only at situations, but at ourselves. Famed comedian Trevor Noah reminds us that it is perfectly okay not to take ourselves too seriously.

Noah is a well known South African comedian, which of course means you should already know about him, and if you don?t, he is well worth it. Before going full time into comedy, Noah had been involved in?radio, television, and the small screen as an actor. His unique background has provided him with a goldmine of humorous content — he was born to a white Swiss father and a black South African mother, a fact which in itself has somehow been found sufficiently comedic as to be written into US prime time television on a potential Fox TV show by the writer of Modern Family.

Noah?s comedic career has indeed taken him places. He is indisputably the most popular comedian in South Africa, in addition to selling more DVD?s than any other standup comedian on the continent. He performs before sold out audiences in venues around the world, and has toured the United States with U.S. stand up comedian, Gabriel Iglesias. His debut in the United States on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as his appearance?on?The?Late Show with David Letterman?made him the first African comedian to perform on the popular late night talk shows. ?Most recently, Noah was tapped to join Comedy Central?s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, this happening only shortly after being named among Forbes?s Thirteen Africans to watch in 2013. On March 30, 2015,?his selection as the next host of The Daily Show was announced by Comedy Central.

Trevor?s content spans everything from his frustrations with South Africa?s poor phone services to its often tenuous history of race issues. If you haven?t yet familiarized yourself with Trevor?s work, catch up with him now and get your tickets to one of his shows near you.

Image: Trevornoah