Great Places To Bring Out Your Inner Yogi

Admit it: many of us are one stress away from being ?broke down? and simply just worn out.? If you are looking for a relaxing form of exercise that can help improve muscle strength & tone, improve your cardio & circulatory health and enhance flexibility, Yoga may be the way to go. What developed in India thousands of years ago has become a popular exercise staple, and is gaining popularity in many parts of the world. We highlight our selection of yoga studios that could be right in your backyard [no eating, praying or loving necessary].

Negril Yoga Center
For tourists and locals, the Negril Yoga Center Rooms and Cottages provides the perfect get away, far away from daily distractions. Besides offering scheduled yoga classes and personal studio space, the Center also offers spa services and a tasty menu that is customized to your dietary needs. It?s the idyllic place to be, right around the beaches and the amazing Negril night life.

Chi?s Yoga
Chi?s Yoga offers a holistic approach to both cardio and zen. If you have always wondered about Hatha Yoga, head down to Chi?s in popular Victoria Island, Lagos. Sign up for private sessions with a personalized touch.

Kaiut Yoga School
Kaiut?s concept goes above and beyond physical exercise and focuses on healing. Located in Curitiba, Brazil, the yoga school offers teacher training and regular workshops. And yes, they even offer ?yoga for people that hate yoga? classes for those who have hesitated to join a yoga studio.

Brooklyn Yoga Center
This Pretoria East studio caters to all, with a focus on yoga for beginners and those who are exploring the practice. Other offerings include prenatal ?preggie? yoga and advanced iyengar yoga classes. This popular spot also has a location in Bronberrik, Centurion.

Yoga Studios

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
If you?re interested in perfecting your Ujjayi breathing, Ashtanga Yoga is the place for you. ?Through a process that produces intense internal heat, an emphasis is placed on breath and movement, while detoxifying the muscles and organs.? The Ashtanga studio, hosted by Oriane, prides itself in a warm and inviting atmosphere where groups can enjoy the benefits of intense yoga sessions.

Ayatana Yoga Lounge
Ayatana Yoga lounge in Nairobi promises to transform your life on and off the mat. A range of classes are offered from Pilates to Ashtanga yoga, including a mommy & me yoga class where moms can reconnect with their bodies while enjoying time with their babies. With a spacious and welcoming venue, the place is ideal for those seeking to explore yoga or take their practice to the next level.

Bliss Yoga Studio
On a scale of one to ten, Accra?s state of zen is at an all time high with bliss. Bliss Yoga offers the opportunity to become more relaxed and generally happier! Rates are as little as 125 cedis (US$34) for a five pack class to 450 cedis (US$120) for a twenty pack class, and you can also rent bags and mats at killer prices. With a variety of classes available, there is plenty to do at Bliss.

Bikram Yoga Fourways
If you are ready to break out in a sweat, you will probably need to pay a visit to Bikram Yoga Fourways. The only authentic and hot yoga studio in South Africa, regulars swear by this challenging and heated practice that clears the body of toxins and increases flexibility. For those new to Bikram, be sure to drink plenty of water well ahead of a class and be prepared to be hot!

Image: Canva