Tidal Music Streaming Service Is Interested In The Nigerian Market

On March 30, the force that is Jay-Z spearheaded the launch of a new streaming service called Tidal, and while the platform has gone through its ebbs and flows, it looks like it may now?be seeking to gain momentum with Nigeria’s booming music industry.?A strategic move maybe? Well only time will tell. But if there is any market to strongly consider at the moment, it is Nigeria.


Africa?s biggest mobile phone operator, the MTN Group currently dominates the market in terms of music distribution and downloads, which according to Richard Iweanoge, MTN Nigeria?s general manager for consumer marketing is an estimated US$16 million. Not too shabby.

On April 26, Jay-Z announced through his twitter account his intention of enhancing Tidal?s global reach, indicating that his cousin had just moved to Nigeria to discover new talent. Nigeria already has an established talent base that only promises to grow, and as it increasingly gains international attention, there will be a growing need to provide innovative avenues for consumers to access music in real time.

How a potential move into the Nigerian market may affect the competition is yet to be seen. But in a land of hustlers, the self-identified hustler may fit right in because that’s business, man.

Image: Tidal