These Women Are Fighting Beauty Stereotypes By Showing Us What?s Underneath Their Clothes

Underneath we are women is a photo book by Australian photographer Amy D. Herrmann, with a goal to ‘educate thousands’ by featuring ?100 women, 100 bodies, 100 stories? and?in the process, showing how diverse women’s bodies really are.

It’s a beautiful vulnerability that is captured by raw, honest photography. The photo book project’s kick-starter site highlights the foundation of the project itself.

?Society (us) have developed a myriad of stereotyped responses to certain body types. That is, the fat girl who needs the gym. The skinny girl who needs to eat more. The disabled woman who needs sympathy. The beautiful girl that is always happy. But these are simply programmed responses created by us and for us to suit a greater societal ideal for what is deemed acceptable and “normal”. What if you actually knew these people? What if you took the time to hear their story? You?d hear that the fat girl goes to the gym 4 times a week and is on her journey to becoming a personal trainer. You?d hear that the skinny girl has terminal Cancer. The beautiful girl is living with depression. The disabled woman is perfectly able. You?d hear and see truth. How beautiful is that?