There’s Really No Business Like Doggy Day Care Business

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that after a while, they become more like family than pets, enjoying some of the same fancy allowances we humans are often afforded. And what?s not to love about ?man?s best friend?? They are loyal, smart and show unconditional love, asking for absolutely nothing in return. So we understand how tough it can be when it?s time to go on that extended ?no dogs allowed? vacation, and it?s a toss up between leaving your beloved pooch with the neighbors (again) or with your BFF who doesn?t really like dogs, but as always, is ready to do you the favor. **Doggy day care and boarding facilities are a good way to go. Now, we know what some of you might be saying (like what in the??), but think about it. Doggy day care provides a space for dogs to exercise, play and socialize while their owners are away. Over time, it helps dogs socialize with other canines and can even help lessen existing behavioral problems. And if you want to treat your dog to some rest and relaxation, some centers have spa services that will spoil and pamper your pet for the day. This pet option has become more and more popular on the continent over the past few years, especially as peoples? attitudes towards pet ownership have shifted, and an increasing number of individuals and families are becoming pet owners. Here?s a lowdown on a few places to check out when trying to decide on the perfect care for your pet.

**If your dog is half militant, half cray-cray or howls the place down whenever you step out to run a quick errand, you probably don?t want to broach the daycare idea.?
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Happy Tails Doggy Daycare, Johannesburg

The name gives away the core of who they are and the impact of the services they provide. From stress free on-site grooming to puppy training, their boutique offerings leave dogs happily wagging their tails back home. ?And they tug at our heartstrings. They work with Pet Empowerment in Townships (PETS), to help improve the lives of disadvantaged animals by providing them daily meals, warm shelters, routine healthcare and emergency veterinary care. They also help abandoned animals and pets find new owners who can love on them.

1 Albatross Drive//Fourways//Johannesburg and 72 Berkeley Avenue//Bryanston//Johannesburg

Dogon Boarding Kennels & Aristocat Cattery, Johannesburg

Their name is a little tongue in cheek, but don?t let that fool you. They are one hundred percent dog lovers who are keen on providing the pawfect home away from home for your pets. Ideally located in the Jozi countryside, this doggy boarding facility offers state of the art services, complete with private gardens and exercise runs. And depending on how long your dog stays at Dogon, they are well groomed from head to paw. You?ll just have to make sure your pooch is up to date on all vaccinations before the fun begins.

128 Grasmere Rd (R557)//Golfview//Walkerville

DogLord Kennels, Lagos

When it comes to providing customized services, enough can?t be said about this Yaba based facility. Not only do they have a 24 hour help desk available for free consultations, they also take the time needed to build the free range kennels that will allow your dog to move around within healthy boundaries. And when?you need a place for your dog to board, you can be rest assured?that they’ll provide the best of care to your pet.

27 Montgomery Road//Yaba//Lagos

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