The ?ber Rich’s Fascination With South Africa’s Luxury Hotels

When you think of South Africa what comes to mind? Safaris,beautiful weather, and beaches.

But what about luxury hotels?

Oyster Box Hotel

According to new research, the ?ber rich love South Africa?s hotels. In a poll by New World Wealth, South Africa is recognized as a top destination by many affluent travelers around the world. Many of these rich tourists love to rest briefly at some of South Africa?s luxury hotels such as 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa and Durban’s Oyster Box Hotel.

South Africa hosts a large number of millionaires and multi-millionaires as permanent residents. In fact, South Africa has the highest number of wealthy individuals as residents with a large net worth, and it is estimated to increase every year.

New research released in October 2015 by the?Johannesburg wealth company also highlights the results of a survey rated by millionaire travelers and their opinions of some of South Africa?s best hotels. ?The Cape Greece and Cape Town’s Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa, are two of the hotels that were featured on Africa?s top ten list of five star hotels.

?Cape Town hotels appear to be the most luxurious,? says Andrew Amolis Head of Research at New World Wealth. When it comes to millionaires, their preferences range from ?thoughtful extras? at their hotels such as their duvet pillow menu and wine tastings, to?a roof top helipad or two.

So why are the world?s 1% attracted to South Africa?

Over the past few years, South Africa?s image has changed from a former image of pity to one of elegance. Today, South Africa is a country with a unique mix of culture, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. South Africa is also home to the biggest man made forest and Kruger National Park, which captivates tourists from all over the world due to its exotic wildlife. It?has attracted more business enterprises?due to English being?the universal language and its developed infrastructure. Consultancy firm McKinsey predicts that in 2020, consumer spending will reach $1.4 trillion up from about $860 billion in 2008. As global?wealth increases, so has the fascination of the rich who ultimately decide to travel to places like South Africa. These are five hotels where the rich and famous stay when visiting South Africa.

Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Also know as ?The Nellie?, this hotel is described?as the Grand Dame of Cape Town. Opening?its doors in 1899, this luxurious hotel was the choice of stay for the British royal family during their 1947 visit to South Africa. Today, it has maintained its traditional afternoon tea in the lunde, which is very popular with guests. For couples or honeymooners, the hotel’s Garden Cottage Suites offer a romantic getaway complete with a white picket fence, marble bathrooms and oversized couches.

Tswalu Kalahari, Northern Cape

This hotel was once a place of refuge for acclaimed author, J.K. Rowling, where she reportedly?pinned the first novel?of her famous Harry Potter book series. ?Tswalu is so tucked away that you have to travel by a small plane to arrive at this hotel. It?s luxurious and remote at the same time.

Ellerman House, Bantry Bay, Cape Town

Ellerman House, located in Bantry Bay, one of Cape Town?s most elite?addresses is located on the slopes of Signal Hill. Famous guests include Oprah Winfrey, Nicholas Cage, and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates. This Edwardian mansion with 11 rooms, two suites and private villas feels more like a private home than a hotel, which attracts and retains wealthy guests as its clientele.

The Saxon Hotel Villas and Spa, Johannesburg

This hotel represents a symbol of tranquility in the hectic and fast paced city of Johannesburg. Close to Sandton also known as the ‘glamour’ area of Johannesburg, this hotel also caters to elite visitors. Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey and former U.S. president Bill Clinton have also been some of its guests who choose to stay in this quiet location. Former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was also?a guest, where?he put?the finishing touches to?his autobiography.

The Oyster Box, Durban

The Oyster Box was the place?where Princess Darlene hosted a reception for her friends after marrying Prince Albert of Monaco. The location of this hotel is unsurpassed as it sits right?on the Indian Ocean. “When you step into the Oyster Box, you feel the history in the walls,” says Oyster Box general manager Wayne Coetzer. Amenities at The Oyster Box include a pillow menu, French champagne, and oysters for breakfast.

If money was no object where would you stay?

Shavonda Miles?is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA,?who?enjoys partnering with media outlets to provide quality content. Follow her on Twitter?and Facebook.