The Ngee Show: Top 7 List Of Weirdest Superstitions I Ever Heard

It is no secret that Africans can be pretty superstitious, so much so that in many cultures, it plays a role in the way people view life and their circumstances. To many, the belief in superstitions is a way to make sense of situations that are hard to understand. For example, in some cultures, there is a strong belief that if you come across a black cat, it is a sign of bad things to come, and back in the day, the birth of twins was considered an evil curse. Clearly some of these are misguided, but the fear of the unknown has a much more gripping effect than an understanding of reality.

It is all about perception vs. reality, and sometimes we just have to poke a little fun at ourselves. Popular hostess of the Ngee Show, Ngozi (Ngee) goes right in and does just that, reminding everyone not to take things too seriously.