The Future Of Cycling Could Be Changed By The Bamboo Bicycle

If you talk to many involved in agriculture in Ghana or elsewhere on the continent where bamboo is prevalent, you will more than likely be told about the great potential that lies in the use of bamboo to solve the problems of deforestation and soil erosion. However, Ghana?s Kwabena Danso has taken things a step further, unleashing the creative purpose of the bamboo.


Danso?s company, Boomers International, started out a training initiative under the Yonso Project in partnership with bicycle industry pioneer, Crag Calfee, whose company, Bamboosero, sold bamboo bikes. ?Today, Boomers is a fully incorporated company that focuses on the production of bamboo bicycles and accessories on a large scale. And by large scale, we mean sales from the Ashanti Region village of Apaah in southern Ghana to other parts of the world.

But Danso?s mission goes beyond making a profit. While his company provides high quality, affordable bamboo products to customers around the world, his focus is on sustainable investments in his home country. Boomers International has its roots in rural community development and a portion of its proceeds supports youth employment, educational development, rural business development and of course, keeping transportation green. Through the Yonso project, Boomers International has been able to provide scholarships, supplies and other resources for students like Osman Mohammed.

Seth Acheampong, who currently works at Boomers credits the company for his ability to earn a decent wage, rent his own place and save money.

While the company continues to make a name of itself, it is yet to penetrate the Ghanaian market. But Danso firmly hopes that the bicycles eventually become the game changer that the world envisions.

Image: Boomers International

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