The Evolution of Beauty & Style In Kenya Over The Last 100 Years

As other WatchCut videos have shown us, so much history can easily be highlighted in just about a minute. The latest episode in their ?100 Years of Beauty? series takes us on a visual journey through?the evolution of beauty and style in Kenya over the last hundred years.

Modeled by Keesee Andrea, researched trends of the last century by decade are portrayed and the results of course, are stunning.

The trends start in the 1910s which was an era of pride and nationalism. By the time we come around to the 60s, the era of nationalism and independence, we notice trends that are strongly influenced by Kenyan tastemakers like Josephine Moikob, “Mama Ngina” Kenyatta and Khadija Adams Ismail. We fast forward to 2000, where looks reflect a seemingly global trend ? bold make-up and thin eyebrows.

?Much like many parts of the world, the 2000s look in Nairobi included generous uses of mineral makeup, frosty eyeshadow, and lip gloss galore. This era also saw tweezed, thinner eyebrows made famous by entertainers and celebrities such as Amani,? WatchCut?s Pinterest board explains.

By 2010, we come full circle to the trend that set this off — natural, short hair ? mostly inspired by Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong?o who has helped change the definition?of beauty, not only in Kenya, but around the world.

Image: WatchCut via YouTube

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