Taiye Selasi Gives A Talk That Perfectly Reflects the Average Third Culture Kid Experience

Taiye Selasi’s narration of a particular friend’s story?stands out.

I have a friend named Olu. He’s 35 years old. His parents, born in Nigeria, came to Germany on scholarships. Olu was born in Nuremberg and lived there until age 10. When his family moved to Lagos, he studied in London, then came to Berlin. He loves going to Nigeria — the weather, the food, the friends — but hates the political corruption there. Where is Olu from?

“Olu, who looks Nigerian, needs a visa to visit Nigeria. He speaks Yoruba with an English accent, and English with a German one. To claim that he’s “not really Nigerian,” though, denies his experience in Lagos, the rituals he practiced growing up, his relationship with family and friends.”

The celebrated writer?shares how living and experiencing life in many different places and contexts has helped shape her self and cultural identities.

“Where are you a local?”

Image: TED

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