Singapore Is Currently Home To The Best Building In The World

It vaguely reminds you of a rubik cube that is yet to be solved and from a distance, looks like the building blocks to a really big puzzle. Welcome to the The Interlace?(also known as the ‘vertical village’), the world’s most creative apartment complex?according to judges at the 2015 World Architecture Festival, who awarded it its top honor as?the World Building of the Year.

The project, which was led by former OMA partner Ole Scheeren, the concept of the building is a departure from your typical apartment complex.

“Housing has become simply compressed into a very standardized format. I think this project shows in a really dramatic way, and also in a significant scale, that something else is possible,” Scheeren said.


The complex?covers 170,000 square meters?(1.8 million square feet) and houses?1,040 apartment units. Despite its design, the units are as private as you can get and takes full advantage of the tropical landscape. According to the Interlace site, “The private balconies give apartments large outdoor space and personal planting areas. Cascading gardens spill over the facades of the building drawing a visual connection between the elevated green refuges and expansive tropical landscape on the ground. The Complex is also embedded within tropical flora, letting nature expand“.

We are definitely?all about that.

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