7 Vegetarian Hot Spots In Jozi

They say the average African can?t do without meat, but little is known about the variety of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free cuisines that stem largely from a heritage of home grown organic agriculture. From North Africa all the way down to the Southern tip, Africans are known to enjoy a staple diet rich in fruits, legumes, tubers and vegetables. We highlight hot spots in Johannesburg that proudly serve up the veggie lifestyle!

The Greenside caf?

This one stop shop for veggie cuisine prides itself in saving the planet, one meal at a time. Greenside refreshingly offers a tasty, award winning menu, with well crafted foods that are rich in flavor. Make it a date night and head over to where the grass is truly greener.


Shayona?s concept is a tad different from what you would expect to be the veggie heaven norm. Their niche is in masterfully created sweetmeats and savories, from their premium selection of chocolate-patras to papadi ganthias. Open Tuesday through Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there?s no reason not to stop by.

Fruit and Roots

Fruits and Roots provides a healthier way to treat your body by offering a natural and organic foods store with a vegetarian restaurant, right in its?courtyard. The store?s menu also offers gluten free options as well as a selection of raw fruit and vegetable juice choices.


We call this a little bit of Italy in Jozi. Yum. While it is not exclusively vegetarian and is meat-eater friendly, devotees speak highly of the restaurant?s menu that is perfect for big and small appetites alike. Col?cacchio?s commitment to health is clearly served up in its?menu of twenty different salads, savory pasta dishes and its famous pizzeria.

Leafy Greens Caf?

Leafy Greens is a great place for raw cuisine enthusiasts. Located on an organic farm in Muldersdrift, you can be sure that their meals are made with fresh ingredients. Stop by to try out their hot chocolate made with home-made almond milk, raw honey & cinnamon and raw organic cocoa powder.

Gingko restaurant

With a penchant for healthy living, Gingko brings the world to your table, offering patrons a little bit of Asia, the Middle East and France. Its relaxing ambiance offers a great hang out spot for a taste of organic and locally grown produce. Do not forget to check out their vegetarian buffet table.

The Pudding Shop

Inspired by the original Lale Restaurant in the?Sultanahmet?neighborhood of?Istanbul,?Turkey, The Pudding Shop is a Mediterranean and Italian style restaurant that serves mainly vegetarian and vegan dishes. The restaurant is great for hosting the perfect party, but can also bring the party home with their food for home service.