7 Of The Funniest What’s Up Africa Skits Ever

What?s Up Africa is officially one of the continent?s most revered satirical sketch shows. For a take on everything from politics to social norms, and even a dose of the show?s staple character, Pastor Azuike (Amen, Praise the Lord!), you will want to check out the video series presented by Ikenna Azuike.

The show will resume with new episodes in the next few weeks, and in anticipation of a new season, we have rounded up some of the funniest What?s Up Africa sketches to date. A sense of humor is absolutely required!

Flashy Pastors in Kenya and Nigeria
Is it a crime for pastors to have expensive suits and bling? Find out what Pastor Azuike has to say about it!

Africans Buying Up London
Super rich?Africans are pumping millions into coveted properties in London, but not all Brits appear to like it.

The Fabulous Life of President Yahya Jammeh of Gambia
President Yahya Jammeh is known for many things; living the life of luxury is critical for this African president for life.

MTV Cribs Nigeria (College Edition)
Nigerian university student ‘Olamide’ (aka computer student with no laptop) takes us on a tour of public universities, letting us know that even with the lack of resources available to students, all is good.

?Poor African Country? Just Rebase!
We are still trying to figure out?why African countries are rebasing their economies, but What’s Up Africa lets us in on some of its many benefits.

African Union Holiday Resort
Even African leaders needs some R&R from time to time. Find out what the African Union Holiday Resort has to offer.

White Hunters: How to Catch an Oyibo Man
Naija Runs Girl shows interested fans how to catch an oyibo. It is actually not as difficult as it seems — from the pencil test to the use of the right color chart, she shows you how to land and keep one.

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