As an award winning fashion designer, entrepreneur, public speaker and author??Samata Angel?is not only an accomplished ?star, but a role model for other young women around the world. The British?entrepreneur?of Ghanaian descent was born and raised in Cambridge in the United Kingdom and was inspired to start her own fashion line??Samata?(formerly??Samata’s Muse), while working at a boutique in London. Her hard work and dedication paid off; her pieces have been worn by musical artists Jennifer Lopez and Dawn Angelique Richard and have been featured in numerous fashion publications including and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The trained financier and economist continues to follow her passions and provide inspiration to others. She visits locations around the world talking to fashion lovers and engaging?entrepreneurs? And yes, she is making her mark! In 2007, she was recommended by Prime Minister Gordon Brown for her role in mentoring students and engaging youth in enterprise. Also notable is her mark in history when she became the first British female to showcase during the New York Nolcha Fashion Week. She has received numerous awards and honors including named to 2010 Power List of Black Women in Europe.