Reflections On Language & Culture: The Experiences Of Children Whose Parents Speak Broken English

?Because her priorities were always work, work, work in order to survive, she had no time and energy to dedicate to learning English.?

In a short video clip that was recently released by BuzzFeed, five children of immigrant parents in the United States share what it is like to have mothers and fathers?who speak broken English. Each individual has his or her own unique story to share that highlights a part of the immigrant experience. They?reflect back on sometimes painful life events?that came with trying to engage their parents and maintain responsibility for their interactions outside the home.

Despite?the occasional difficulties they faced growing up with these experiences, their stories?certainly encourage others to understand some of the struggles of new Americans. English is the dominant language of communication around the world, but it is not a measure of good parenting skills or the capacity to take care of a home. And these now young adults, feel the love, even to this day.

?I just want to tell my parents how much I?m grateful for them regardless of sometimes this forced responsibility of having to be there and translating for them. It?s the least I can do to repay them for all their sacrifices.?

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