Oscar Pistorius Has Been Convicted Of Murder – Has Justice Finally Been Served?

Well, it is officially official.

It was described as a human tragedy of Shakespearean proportions by the South African appeals court in a verdict on Thursday that deemed the South African sprint runner and paralympic champion, Oscar Pistorius guilty of the murder of his late girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

And while layers upon layers of drama shrouded the story leading up to this final ruling, particularly the state prosecutors’ decision to appeal an?initial verdict of culpable homicide,?in the end, Pistorius will face a lot moving forward including a possible 15 year jail term.

According to Judge Eric Leach, the ruling concluded “that the paralympic gold medalist should have foreseen that his firing of a gun would have killed whoever was behind the door in his bathroom, regardless of whether he thought it was Steenkamp or an intruder.”

Within reason, this is true.

Pistorius has been?under house arrest since October for his previous conviction and has also served a year of his original five year term in prison. He is expected to remain at home as he waits on a new sentence.

A majority of individuals who are aware of Thursday’s ruling are in full support, and believe that justice has been served for a decision that has been long overdue. The athlete’s family reacted to the verdict, taking note of the court’s ruling and possible options moving forward. A lengthy 15 year jail term, as is the minimum sentence for a murder conviction could ultimately spell the end of an illustrious athletic career for Pistorius who has been referred to as the “Blade Runner” and?’the fastest man on no legs’.

This?particular chapter of the story may still be evolving. According to legal experts, Pistorius may actually have the opportunity to appeal the murder conviction by going to the highest court in South Africa on the grounds of an unfair trial.