nYAKIONyakio Kamoche?is an entrepreneur of Kenyan descent, and also the founder of?NYAKIO, a collection of women?s beauty products. Her beauty products are similar to many other products, with one very unique and fundamental difference, hers are manufactured?from?natural African ingredients. Due to the high amounts of beauty products already on the market, Kamoche sought to create products which?were not only inspired by traditional African remedies, but?were universally applicable to all skin types.

Kamoche did not always work in the beauty industry. She got her start while working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. During her time in Los Angeles, Nyakio realized that her interests drew her towards creating beauty products for all skin types, while still representing the African continent. In 2002, she eventually launched the NYAKIO brand, and thus her vision became reality.

NYAKIO products are distinguished among beauty products and distinct from regular mass produced beauty supplies. Kamoche took her inspiration from her own family history and African heritage. The NYAKIO brand is actually named after her grandmother and?is built upon time-tested beauty rituals passed down to her from her family of traditional medicine men, farmers and educators. The wisdom behind the ingredients used in her products have been used in her own family for generations, and these ancient products are combined with modern healthy ingredients to create a new effective beauty solution, free of impurities.

Kamoche is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, which she attended prior to her move to Los Angeles. Through her entrepreneurial pursuits, she has partnered with other brands to help give back to the African continent. The NYAKIO brand continues to launch new products and has been featured on HSN and HSN.com. Kamoche has disclosed that she intends to make NYAKIO a global lifestyle brand.