The Challenges Of Being Multiracial In Today’s Great Britain

England, Wales and Scotland are?rapidly becoming a melting pot, where?people?of mixed heritage are the fastest growing ethnic group in the region. This diversity comes in all shades, and the reality is as ethnicities and races continue to meld together, people are either going to embrace it or react to it.

In this video, individuals of mixed heritage sound off on the best and worst things about being of mixed heritage and everything else in between. Participants were selected as part of a project by Brap Human Rights,?one of the United Kingdom’s?leading equality and human rights charities.

“I’ll have to say one of the worst things is other people telling you who you are supposed to be,” says one individual who summarizes her experience of the seeming unpleasantries associated with being of mixed heritage. On the other hand, being of mixed heritage comes with gratifying?realizations.

“Everybody wants to be my color,” says another participant.”In the Caribbean they are bleaching themselves, over here there are tanning studios. Everybody wants to be my color. That’s the best thing.”

The one thing that many of the participants share is some of the lessons learned growing up as an individual of mixed heritage and what has helped them adapt ?or not adapt so well in today’s society. “My grandmother on my dad’s side, she’s white. She’s Irish,” says another. “She’s racist. She doesn’t want mixed race grandchildren, and as a result of being mixed race, she has decided that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

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