The rapid growth of Information technology, the internet, and the use of mobile communication devices in Africa has helped bring in many previously unavailable amenities such as the large volume of knowledge and rapid communication channels. Because of the role technology plays in national development, those who help increase the proliferation of information technology on the continent play a very important role in engaging the continent.

With a passion for education and technology, Nkemdilim Begho is an important player in the expansion of information technology services in Africa and Nigeria specifically. She is the founder and Managing Director of FutureSoft Resources Ltd., web-based educational, enterprise and business solutions provider located in Lagos, Nigeria. FutureSoft offers its clients website development, web hosting, and web portal development. The company was founded as a partnership with its American based sister company DigiRev LLC and its UK based sister company Paperless Staffroom UK.

Nkemdilim received a BSc. Hons in Bioinformatics at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) & Technical University Munich (TUM) in Germany where she ultimately began her professional career in Information Technology. She has her research foundations in the development of software solutions for complex biological analyses, as well as chemical calculations and simulations, database design and administration, and statistical analysis.

Noted as an expert in her field, Nkemdilim has spoken at major conferences, some of which include Google World Women?s Day Hangout, the 2013 SME IT Business Conference and the 2013 ICT4Girls Day. She is also a board member on the World Summit Youth Award Board where she helps accelerate the implementation of the millennium development goals.

A social entrepreneur at heart, she is also the co-founder of The Bake for Change Development Foundation, a non-government organization with a focus on empowering street children who are being rehabilitated in seven Lagos State run homes.