Moroccan Resort Spas That Will Leave You Feeling So Fresh & So Clean

Morocco is known for many things ? its culture, creativity, warmth and hospitality, as well as its eclectic cuisine. For a taste of luxury, the country?s resorts boast of some of the best spa accommodations in the world. We could rattle on and on about them, but we present a few that are not only trendy and zen, but celebrate a culture that is rooted in ancient traditions.


Spa La Mamounia
Looking for the ultimate deluxe wellness experience? Discover Spa La Mamounia at La Mamounia ?Marrakech. Located near the heart of Marrakech, its breathtaking views portray an arabesque allure that is grandiose, but yet relaxing. In the morning, indulge in the marocMaroc Argon facial. The 60 minute argon oil treatment helps to soothe dry, damaged skin with vitamin E and fatty acids which provide the nutrients that prevent dryness and irritation. Once done, pay a visit to the hotel for a spot of afternoon tea.

Le Spa de la Kasbah Agafay
The Kasbah Agafay experience comes complete with an open air health and wellness spa with four massage rooms, three baths, an outdoor foot spa and a yoga room. We all know that life can get too busy sometimes for our physical upkeep. Apologize for the neglect with some steam power ? the Hammam treatment. The traditional Hammam treatment, one of the oldest and most effective, allows the body to absorb heat, which stimulates the immune system to increase the production of antibodies. You will be hot and sweaty, but probably be in good company as it?s the perfect way to bond with a friend or significant other.

La Sultana Spa
This full service luxury spa at La Sultana Marrakech offers a range of options including special showers that target specific parts of the body (we will leave this one up to your imagination), for a refreshing clean feeling, right after hitting up the local bazaars.

Cinq Mondes Spa
The Cinq Mondes Spa at Club Med Marrakech Palmeraie offers a short term fix for the appearance of stubborn cellulite and other problem areas. Cinq Mondes? cr?me de caf? treatment, a Brazilian ritual, promises to trim problem spots by combining the fat burning properties of caffeine with a? massage technique, followed by a cool wrap, that helps to visibly tighten and contour the legs, hips, abdomen and arms. This detoxifying treatment lasts only for a few days, so continue to steer clear of the fried chicken meals.

Palais Rhoul & Spa
A hidden gem in the heart of Palmeraie, this world class spa is relatively well known, as it is often cited as one of the world?s best spas. The traditional tkissila, practiced by only two brothers who are descendants of a long line of practitioners, is carried out on a heated floor (leaving the muscles relaxed), in preparation for a scrub and a series of acrobatic movements that may leave you in a daze. However, if you are in for a little adventure in your quest to feeling great, you can?t go wrong with a visit.