Meet The 11 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Is Teaching Us to ‘Bee All We Can Bee’

Mikaila Ulmer was a little over 4 years old when she started a venture that addresses a critical concern.

?Bees are dying due to a disease called CCD, and that stands for Colony Collapse Disorder,? Ulman explains. ?And most scientists think that the reason that the bees are depleting is because some farmers are using pesticides on their plants.?

At the time she started her venture, she faced a few obstacles, one of which was the reaction of others due to her age. ?There were definitely some people saying ?Oh, you are four years old, you cannot start your own business?.?

But what started out as a hobby for a cause, has grown into a thriving consumer foods enterprise. Her advice to other children and adults who want to start their own business?

?Working hard is a must. So if you want to be an entrepreneur, you definitely have to be okay with working hard.?

Find out more business and life lessons from Ulman in the video above.

Image: The Dallas Morning News

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