Maz Jobrani’s Comedic Approach Illustrates Cultures & Lifestyles In The Middle East

Maz Jobrani is an Iranian-American comedian and actor who?performs stand-up live comedy around the world, including the Middle East. He is also a founding member of the Axis of Evil comedy tour which features Middle Eastern comedians whose stories?help address stereotypes and prejudice towards Middle Easterners.

In this TED video, Jobrani’s comedic approach to the way of life?in the Middle East humorously?explains nuances that may not be familiar with individuals outside the region.

?A lot of Americans don?t know a lot about us, about the Middle East,? he says in his routine. ?I?m Iranian and American. I?m there. I know, I?ve traveled here; there?s so much?we laugh. People don?t know that we laugh.?

?When I did the Axis of Evil comedy tour,? he continues, ?It came out on Comedy Central and I went online to see what people were saying about it. I ended up on a conservative website. One guy wrote another guy. He said ?I never knew these people laughed.?”

Image:?Maz Jobrani

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