Lagos Island’s Favorite Coffee Shops

Lagos may not have its own Starbucks franchise, but what it does have is its own Caf? Society ? what we define as a strongly emerging caf? culture that is more than just an excuse to feed your caffeine addiction.?Coffee shops in Lagos can be anything you want them to be ? from a place to inspire your creative mind or to step back from the hustle and bustle of the busy city to a place where you can meet people and grow your network. Heck, if you just feel like doing absolutely nothing at all, there?s room for that too (erm, but at least buy a croissant, yeah?). They are all things to everyone, and that?s why we heart them. Here is a roundup of our favorite spots. Check them out if you are ever in town!

My Coffee Lagos
It’s brand spanking new to the scene, but it is a cozy space with a relatively extensive menu. Oh and the salted coffee? Delish.?It is often frequented by the expat community and offers a?loyalty program, where your fifth coffee is?free.

Caf? Neo
Caf? Neo is an island staple and one of the best places to visit if you are looking to enjoy premium coffee in a modern and stylish space. The chain?s name ?Neo?, means gift in Tswana, and true to its name, it gives the gift of celebrating Africa?s finest. Neo sources its high quality beans from Rwanda, a country that is Africa?s ninth largest Arabica coffee producer.

The offshoot of the legendary Glendora bookstore franchise, Jazzhole was originally established to cater to the needs of culture aficionados, particularly those interested in the African and international music scene. It is one of the more casual of historic establishments in Lagos, and is recognized as one of the most prolific cultural centers in Nigeria. Once you find your way through the vast collection of books and music to the back of the store, a snack bar awaits, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe learn more about the store’s latest upcoming jazz act.

Posh Caf?
A funky?fountain, palm trees, and Arabian curtains: It is often dubbed as the hang out spot for yuppies and creatives. Posh?s offerings are eclectic, and?a nice relaxing cup of coffee by the pool is highly recommended.

Art Caf?
If you?re looking for a place that gives a more ?home grown? feel, you will want to give Art Caf? a try. This location is more boho-casual, colorful art fixtures and grit. It?s a fun and trendy spot with a simplicity that makes for the perfect environment to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

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