Keeping It Street: South Africa’s Emerging Food Truck Scene

You are at work and it?s lunch time, but you were so tired last night that you simply could not muster up the energy to whip up lunch. Or, you are running low on your monthly budget, and pay day is not for another three days. Yes, it happens to the best of us. If you are a foodie though, you are aware that the best eats are not necessarily found at your snazziest five star restaurant of choice, but in the unlikeliest of places, a food truck. Food trucks have slowly emerged?in South Africa over the last few years, and they are certainly here to stay, even as they become more mainstream. And why not? They are a startupreneur?s dream. The cost of starting a food truck business is just a fraction of what it takes to open a brick and mortar restaurant. Well, we can?t really forget the costs of permits, licenses, gas, staff, repairs and supplies. But that?s not your immediate problem ? you?re just trying to satisfy your cravings, right now. From Cape Town to Durban, here is our roundup of some of the finest?food trucks around the beautiful ZA (and hopefully at a curbside near you!).


Cape Town

Artisanal sandwiches and pastry on our street corners? It doesn?t get any better than this. Baguette is a gourmet sandwich company that specializes in authentic German pretzel bread, and they roll out on delivery bicycles on the streets of Cape Town.

El Burro
For some Mexican flavor in Cape Town, visit an El Burro food truck near you. The brick and mortar restaurant by the same name has taken its concept to the streets, and is known for their tequilas and tacos. Follow them on twitter @_El_Burro to stalk follow them as they move around the city.

This Cape Town based food truck specializes in contemporary Asian street food, complete with Satays and salt and pepper Squid. All ingredients are made from scratch by the way.


Meisies Kitchen
If you are looking for a home cooked meal this is the truck to hit up. In fact, we can?t really call it a truck. It?s more like a kitchen on wheels.

Limoncello Cape Town Food Truck

A gourmet food truck that serves up rustic Italian cuisine by way of South Italy, Limoncello impresses with its thin crust breakfast pizzas, calzones, fresh mussels spaghetti and risotto dishes. And if you have room for desert, you will want to try Limoncello?s chocolate-chip pastry sticks.


Afro?s Braai?d Chick?n
Afro?s Braai?d Chick?n throws down like none other, celebrating the traditional braai with a blend of local flavors. The proudly South African mobile eatery uses the best in local spices and sauces to prepare the tastiest of meals that will leave you wanting more (food so good, it?ll make you want to slap your momma or fall asleep at your desk after lunch). Location updates are sent out on Twitter and Facebook; be sure to check them out!

Johannesburg & Gauteng

Long Tom
Inspired by the hot dogs on the streets of New York, Long Tom successfully merges fast food with quality and taste. Their truck can be found at the corner of 11th Avenue and Marie Road in Sandton, and they also cater for events and parties. They also have a halal and vegetarian menu. Come one, come all!

The Balkan Burger Bus
Is perhaps the premier food truck to hit the streets of Jo?burg. Their famous Balkan burger is all the rage locals and tourists alike enjoy the Serbian inspired treat. Plus, they have received a stamp of approval from award winning American chef Anthony Bourdain who sampled a burger on his tour of South Africa.

Hot Ginger
There is seriously nothing more convenient than having a one stop shop for every food that feeds your palate. The Hot Ginger food truck serves an assortment of freshly made cuisines, from American to Moroccan, and prices are fairly reasonable. Hot Ginger can be found at markets and events around town.


Image: Lotus/Facebook