62b2a9_6641524ebded08aa50b0601a994b5811Katleho Tsoku?is a South African based hospitality entrepreneur whose life story depicts one of perseverance and determination ? only two to the many keys to success that she clearly possesses.

Born to humble beginnings in the Soweto townships on the outskirts of Johannesburg, she experienced familial loss at a young age when both her brother and father passed away within a space of 4 years. With her mother as an international diplomat with the South African government, Katleho was able to experience diversity across cultures and lifestyles in many of the places she resided. Her interest in the hospitality industry was spurred at a very young age, and she studied hotel management in Australia, United Kingdom and Switzerland. She eventually returned to South Africa with dreams of continuing her work in hotel chains but soon found that her international background was not embraced as readily as she thought. With determination she was able to land marketing roles at top multinational chains including the Hyatt Regency and Radisson Blu Sandton.

Katleho finally found her ?bliss? with the establishment of?Bliss Lifestyle Lounge, the absolutely stylish restaurant and cocktail lounge that caters to business and leisure in a relaxing environment. Her menu offers a variety of dishes that are a ?global fusion? and aptly describes the core of who she is.

She is an inspiration to all young emerging entrepreneurs who are willing to follow their dreams despite the obstacles. Katleho Tsoku currently resides in Johannesburg, SA.