kah wallaKah Walla is one of the few women at the top of her game in her home country of Cameroon, but she is rapidly helping to level the playing field by inviting an increasing number of women to participate in the local economy. Walla is an economic empowerment and political leader who is recognized on the continent and around the world for her commitment to African development.

Born in Cameroon, Walla made history in 2011 when she ran as a presidential candidate; her Time is Now! campaign was particularly groundbreaking for a country which had only known two presidents in almost all of her lifetime.

Walla launched Strategies!, ?a woman-owned, woman-run ?international consulting firm which offers services in leadership and management to a roster of multinational clients including ExxonMobil , Shell, the United Nations and the World Bank. ?She also works at the grassroots level with different populations and lends her support to initiatives that affect students, traders, farmers and many others.

In 2008, she was recognized by the World Bank as one of seven women entrepreneurs on the continent, and in 2009, was recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative for her pilot program where over five hundred market women formed an association to advocate for the total and fair inclusion of women in the market place.

Walla continues to raise her voice and proudly embraces her responsibility to leave the world a better place than she met it.

Image: KahWalla