He is recognized for his signature style ? the dapper, classic look perfected from head to toe. Nigerian-American recording artist Jidenna Mobisson has a charm and swag that is reminiscent of the 1970?s jazz fusion era. But the star lit up when his hit single, Classic Man, featuring Roman GianArthur hit the scene, where it debuted at number 89 on?Billboard?Hot 100?and peaked at number 22 in its sixteenth week on the chart.

Mobisson was born in the United States and spent his early childhood in Nigeria, where his father, Oliver Mobisson was a professor of computer science at?Enugu State University in Southeast Nigeria. He attended Milton Academy?in?Massachusetts, and graduated from?Stanford University?in?California?with a?Bachelor of Arts?degree in?Comparative Studies?in Race and?Ethnicity. The Brooklyn, New York resident worked as a teacher in the South Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan before pursuing his music career full-time.

Proud of his Nigerian heritage, Mobisson wrote an open letter to Nigerians after his controversial statement on kidnapping in Nigeria induced a strong reaction on twitter. While the content of his letter focused on?his father, his Nigerian upbringing and his painful robbery experience, he acknowledged the limited portrayal of Nigerian and African success but also recognized the need to share his own story — both the good and?bad.

Mobisson is the founding member of a social club called?Fear and Fancy, which is described as ?an international movement of entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and artists who host soirees, dinner parties, and demonstrations, with a commitment to social change.?