How Save The Children Connects Us To Refugees Of The Syrian Civil War

The video is less than two minutes long, but we watch how the life of one young girl, who we will probably never meet changes rather drastically. She goes from living a comfortable, stable life in Syria to living life on the run, away from a home she had grown to love.

Close to 5 million?people?have fled Syria since the start of the crisis in 2011, most of whom are women and children. In addition to this, 6.5 million people have been internally displaced.

The short, but powerful video was developed in 2014 by the international relief organization Save the Children, in an attempt to describe the realities of child refugees ? the fictional film follows a child refugee, enacted by a young, European girl who is placed in ?Syria? before and during the Syrian Civil War. The young girl becomes?internally displaced and her family split up as a result of the war.

Two years later,?the organization follows up on the young girl to show us what eventually happened to her — and what we see is not unusual to the story of millions of unaccompanied child refugees who are victims of this humanitarian crisis. She is forced to flee Syria on a raft, and becomes one of many children who are at risk of abuse?and?discrimination along their new found journey. Whether she will see her family again is also clearly unknown.

Save the Children brings the reality of what has been regarded as the biggest?humanitarian crisis in history closer to home by allowing us to connect with an event ?that could happen to any one of us around the world. And while the crisis is pretty advanced, there is still plenty we can do. Find out more about what the organization is doing to address the crisis here.

Image: Save the Children/YouTube

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