Hip, Cool Dar Es Salaam

6 Dar Es SalaamMany who are familiar with the city of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania would describe it as one with some of the finest beaches, typically known for its?soft white sand and clear blue waters. While this coastal location?has become a popular beach destination and remains the country?s financial and political capital, the sights and sounds of Dar are all any traveler could ask for. Find our top 6 places to go and things to do in hip, cool Dar Es Salaam.

Bongoyo Island. For a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head over to this small uninhabited Island right off the coast. The Island is a boat or ferry ride away from rustic, natural scenery and open air space that is great for those interested in hiking and jogging along the trails. Snorkel in the clear blue waters before grabbing a bite to eat at the only restaurant on the Island that serves an assortment of BBQ and seafood (vegetarians take note!). Spending some down time on the beach is a relaxing way to watch the sun set before heading back to the mainland.

The Slipway. The Slipway is the premier destination for shopping and dining on the mainland. An array of?shops, ?from traditional souk markets to upscale waterfront stores are part of the lineup. For children and families, an ice cream parlor and juice bar are available for the perfect bonding time. Watch the sunset right on the Indian Ocean over dinner and drinks at the Terrace, one of four celebrated waterfront restaurants.

Hip Cool Dar
Clockwise, from left to right: A statement piece from the Enjipai Jewelry collection, Kunduchi Beach, the Kivukoni Fish Market [BBC], The Slipway, Serving it up at Club Bilicanas and a glimpse of Bongoyo Island
Kunduchi Beach.?The Kunduchi beach is famous among local and tourists alike. Known for its perfectly white sands, this is the go to location if you are looking for some relaxation time or a romantic stroll along the Indian Ocean. The luxurious Kunduchi Beach Hotel and Resort located on the edge of the beach is reminiscent of a sultan?s palace of old Arabia; its intricately ornate Afro-Arabic design is a sight to see.

Kivukoni?Fish Market.?Experience Dar like a local by stopping by this famous fish market.The best time to go is early in the day when you can catch a glimpse of local fishermen as they bring in schools of fish from their Dhows. It is a massive and busy fish market, so if you are sensitive to the smell, it may be difficult to hang out. However, grabbing a bite of tasty, well cooked fish is definitely worth the experience.

Enjipai Jewelry.?Located in Oyster Bay, Enjipai Jewelry is home to hand crafted leather products with a mission to improve the living conditions of the Masaai community in Tanzania. Every item made is shaped and formed by talented hands, each?with a story behind them. These high quality accessories are the perfect souvenirs for friends and family members – and?your purchase??provides the opportunity to make a difference.

Club Bilicanas.?No visit to Dar is ever complete without experiencing a little bit of the ?Dar Nightlife?.? A premier hot spot in the city, Club Bilicanas is known to throw great concerts, and entertain with some of the best in live musical acts. Grab a cocktail or two at this legendary spot and enjoy a night out with friends.