Great Places To Get Your Surf On

It’s that time of the year on the continent, the waters are torquoise blue and with the beautiful weather underway, beaches are gearing up for the crowd. For many, the continent has become a great destination spot for surfers worldwide. Here are our top five places we recommend you visit to ride some perfect waves.

Surfs up!

Jeffrey?s Bay, also known as ?J-Bay? is the best surfing spot in South Africa (well, we think), and also a strong contender for the best surf spot in Africa. Indeed, CNN ranks Supertubes in Jeffrey?s Bay, as one of the world?s best surfing spots, second only to Pipeline, in Oahu, Hawaii. ?J-Bay is also the location of the popular ?Billabong Pro Jeffrey?s Bay? surfing contest.

Jeffrey?s Bay is located in South Africa?s Eastern Cape Province. You can reach it by heading about 45 miles west of Port Elizabeth.

TaghazoutTaghazout, Morocco
Taghazout, Morocco is a popular location for beachgoers, located?southwest of Morocco. From Taghazout, you can gain quick access to Anchor Point and Hash Point. Anchor Point is the most popular surf spot in Morocco. There is a good selection of beaches on Taghazout, and visitors will find a good surf spot, whether they be for advanced surfers or beginners. If Anchor Point gets too busy, there is always space to move elsewhere. There is also great?availability of Moroccan cuisine in the area.

Taghazout can be reached by heading about 12 miles North of Adagir, and 315 miles South of Casablanca. For expediency, you can fly in directly into the Agadir?Al Massira International Airport, and then head up to Taghazout.

Tofo BeachTofo Beach, Mozambique
Tofo Beach is a laid back surfing spot in the Inhambane province of Mozambique. You can catch a good surf in Tofo, even as a beginner. This relaxing location can be accommodating to entire families, as there is always something to do. Kayaking trips can be arranged, as well as scuba diving, swimming, fishing, and snorkeling. If you’re about that life, there are plenty nightlife activities and late dining options in Tofo.

Tofo beach is about 300 miles north-east of Maputo. The drive should take about 6 hours along the eastern coast of Mozambique. Faster yet is a flight into the Inhambane airport.

Surfers CornerSurfer’s Corner, Muizenburg, South Africa

Surfer’s Corner is a popular surfing location in Muizenburg, South Africa. It is home to a thriving surfing community. If you are a more casual surfer who does not feel up to Jeffrey?s Bay, Muizenburg might be for you. Not only can you find great surfing in Muizenburg, but you can involve yourself with swimming, beaches, kitesurfing, museums, and waterslides. There is something for everyone. Surfer?s Corner is located in Muizenburg, Cape Town, South Africa.

Ngor IslandDakar, Senegal
Dakar has been a surfing destination ever since it was first surfed in the 1960?s. Surfing is not the most popular pastime in Senegal, so the beaches should be very accessible and crowding should not be a problem. N?Gor Island, which is just off Dakar?s coast, is an especially popular surfing destination. The waters here stay warm during the winter months of Novermber through March. While away from the beaches, visitors should spend time accustoming to the local Senegalese cuisine and attractions.?Dakar can be accessed easily from most parts of the world by flying into L?opold S?dar Senghor International Airport.