Future Trends In The African Publishing Industry

Is there any potential in the African publishing industry? The answer may differ depending on one?s experience and attitude towards the industry on the continent. Our answer is yes. Talking about ?Africa? is a huge?endeavor, as many countries on the continent lack the necessary level of development to start and maintain?sustainable publishing industries.

There is phenomenal potential however, in the publishing industry in Africa. New systems, innovative practices and technologies are necessary to bring back some life into the book publishing industry on the continent.

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Despite the numerous difficulties experienced by the African publishing industry, especially relating to infrastructure and human resource challenges, digital publishing in Africa shows interesting potential. Along with our experience and research, we believe that the following trends could reshape and help the industry develop and grow:

  • Print on demand will have a greater presence.
  • The mobile phone network will continue to be fertile terrain for new experiments in book publishing or promotion; with mobile technology, we will probably witness the exploration of business models that do not even exist in the United States or many parts of Europe.
  • The training of traditional publishers in new and innovative methods will be a decisive factor that might accelerate change.

The key will lie in the ability of African professionals to exploit the potential of digital technology without falling into formulas for ?implanting? technologies inconsistent with the local reality which ? like a deus ex machina ?, would not only do anything to?help, but? may also be a considerable waste of time and resources.

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