Finding Love In India: Swiping Right May Be Just The Thing To Do

The popular dating app, Tinder, is working it’s way through the hearts of millennials in Indian one swipe at a time. In January, the company announced its plans to set up its first international office in Delhi, including the appointment of Harvard Business School graduate, Taru Kapoor as its India head of operations.

Kapoor?s role will focus largely on establishing the Tinder brand in India, steering user growth as well as increasing user engagement by focusing on local user needs. She believes that the market in India is ripe for this type of innovation. ?There is a huge mindset shift that has happened in India over the last 15 years, and part of it has been driven by socio-cultural change and also access. Technology empowers users, particularly women and particularly introverts who don?t reach out to people..,?she commented.

According to Quartz, the adoption of Tinder in India has been rapid, especially among the youth. In September last year, Tinder reportedly received?7.5 million daily swipes in India, and its users are also Asia?s third-largest economy?with?the highest number of messages exchanged per match, globally.

Marketing is geared towards this demographic, and include creative reenactments of the experiences many face on Tinder dates?such as?this video sketch?above, which portrays?the kinds of Indian women a man can expect to meet on a Tinder date.

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