LojedeFEATURE2Many may recognize him from his role as the incredibly evil ?Bola Abayomi” on Africa’s first Pan African Drama Series Jacob’s Cross ?where he represents on camera, but Nigeria?s Fabian Adeoye Lojede is one of the continent?s most versatile performers, with credits to his name as an actor, producer and director.

Lojede graduated from the University of Ibadan with a B.Sc. (Hons).? Although he was born in Nigeria, he lives and works extensively in South Africa, where he happened to meet his wife, the successful TV Presenter S?anice Kacungira. Like her husband, Kacungira is an entrepreneur and the founder of Blu Flamingo, a digital advertising company which has branches in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, and is still expanding. The pair were married in Kampala, Uganda in December 2014.

Besides being a series actor, Fabian is also involved in film production. He has played some well-known roles in movies including Man on Ground (2011) and October 1 (2014), where played ?Corporal Omolodun?.

Lojede is a pan-Africanist who is very active in the affairs of the African continent. He is a creative consultant to a large number of agencies involved in Pan-African campaigns. He is also the founder of the very successful DEO Media Holdings and 1 Take Media, a film production and media company.