Eunice OmoleIf you ever tuned in to the inaugural hit show The Apprentice Africa, you would have noticed a brilliant Nigerian-American business executive, Eunice Omole, who eventually became the show?s first runner up.

Shortly after this, Omole remained in Nigeria and began a tour of Sub-Saharan Africa. ?During this time, she came across many fascinating African entrepreneurs, writers, designers and politicians. Positively influenced by the people she encountered during her tour, she decided to compile their stories to share with the rest of Africa, and the world. This idea culminated in the formation of O & M media, which produced Africa?s Top 100 Entrepreneurs.

So how did Omole get her start? The DC born and raised Nigerian began working as a bank teller before going into real estate in the United States, China and England. She also worked as the director of the Ere City Microfinance Bank, and sat on the board as a director of a non-profit organization, both in Nigeria. Omole also has a penchant for fashion and pageantry; she competed in beauty pageants and was a finalist in the Miss Nigeria in America Beauty Pageant. Today she devotes her time connecting companies and entrepreneurs with resources to catalyze their success. She received a Bachelor?s degree in Economics from the University of Virginia and a Master?s degree in Real Estate from Cornell University.

While residing in Nigeria, she got to understand the culture and language of business on the continent, particularly in Nigeria. Omole learned that who you know, who your network comprises of, and with a certain level of trust required, knowledge of whom you are involved in business with on the ground were key in achieving success.

Omole continues to fight stereotypes of whom a black woman is supposed to be, and stays true to who she is and what she does – Sparking success with style and substance!

Image: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images North America