Esosa EWe often come across individuals who exemplify the African ideals we wish to spotlight, yet we cannot truly place them in any one category. Multitalented versatility is a true sign of an all-around star.

Take Esosa Edosomwan for example. She is an award winning writer, filmmaker, actress, and director, which places her in a league of her own. However, she is also a fashion designer and model, not to mention an activist and political commentator. Clearly she does everything in the way of pursuing her interests while making an impact in the world of entertainment.

Edosomwan was born in New York City to Nigerian parents. Her upbringing was divided among New York, New Jersey, California, Jamaica, and Virginia, undoubtedly with strong African influences. The diversity of her experiences in culture and the arts undoubtedly helped to shape her multi-faceted expertise. A graduate of Cornell University, she also attended Columbia University, where she studied directing, producing, and marketing.

Her work has been on display at the Sundance Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, among many others. Her short film March On, won Best Documentary at the 2012 Vote it Forward Film Festival. She also plays good girl ?Ngozi? on the international hit web-series An African City. She has won numerous awards in support of her career which are quite numerous to mention.

In the fashion space, Esosa has worked as a freelance fashion designer for major companies, winning awards along the way for her creations. Today, she focuses her efforts towards working as a model for print, runway, and editorials. She was featured in the 2011 national Ford Fiesta campaign.

When she is not acting or working in film, she devotes time to healthy lifestyle education, through her blog, Raw Girl in a Toxic World, inspiring many who are in their journey towards holistic health.

Image: Lilian Haidar Photography