Enjoy Some Holiday Cheer With Rooibos Tea Punch



The holidays are right?around the corner, and at this time of the year, we get to raise as glasses to what is hopefully the end of a fabulous year.?Rooibos tea punch is on our minds, and we’re sure it will mix well (pun intended) with the festivities of the season.

Rooibos tea is actually an herbal tea made from the leaves of the Rooibos plant that is predominantly grown in South Africa. Rooibos tea comes in many different flavors and is gaining popularity around the world for its amazing health benefits. For one, it is rich is rich in antioxidants, and contains many important minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc. It is also caffeine-free is and is a good?go to drink for a good night’s rest because of its calming effect.

Which is why it makes a great treat for you and your guests when blended with your favorite fruit. We offer one variation of the Rooibos tea punch, but of course, it may be adapted to your own tastes.

IngredientsrOOIBOS TEA2

500ml or 4 tea bags of rooibos tea

250ml mixed fruit juice

100ml vodka (optional)

1 thinly sliced orange


Crushed ice

Mint leaves and strawberries to garnish

How to prepare

Place the tea bags in boiling water and allow them to draw for up to 10 minutes. Once the tea bags have been removed, stir in honey to taste, and allow the mixture to sit until it has cooled down. Pour in the mixed fruit juice along with vodka if you decide to go for an alcoholic drink. ?Pour the mixture into a large jug and add in the orange slices.

Serve over ice.