Do All Lives Really Matter? Twitter Reacts To The #NigeriaAttack

On November 17, more than 30 people were killed by a suicide bomb blast at a market in the city of Yola in northeastern Nigeria. Yola is the capital of Adamawa state, which has been hard hit by Boko Haram attacks over the past few years, and has been hit by two terrorist bomb attacks this year alone. Of course, this follows on the heels of the?deadly Paris terrorist attacks which has killed more than 130 people to date. After much criticism, Facebook activated a safety check-in feature, which will?allow?individuals?to inform their contacts they are safe. While this feature?was activated following the attacks in Paris, they weren’t activated for the attacks in Lebanon?or the recent attack in Nigeria, at least initially. The loss of human life is a tragedy, no matter where one lives, but the reaction to a perceived lukewarm or non-existent global response to the attack in Nigeria has been well expressed on twitter.




We say all lives matter, #PrayForTheWorld.

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