Chimamanda Adichie On Why It?s Important To Constantly Question Stereotypes

?I don?t think stereotypes are problematic because they?re false. I think that?s too simple. I think stereotypes are problematic because they are incomplete. It?s important constantly to question them.?

In an animated interview with The Atlantic, Nigerian-born author Chimamanda Adichie, shares her views on what people get wrong about the African continent.

In her famous TED talk, Danger of A Single Story, she warns against jumping to conclusions based on hearing a single story about another person or country. Societies and cultures are multifaceted and the African story is large.?The reality is that the continent’s stories are still waiting to be unearthed, and Adichie is calling on Africans to lead the conversation.

“I want African realities to be explored by Africans,” she says.

Image: The Atlantic/YouTube

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