Business Woman Anie Akpe Lewis On 5 Things Successful People Do On Weekends

New York?s Anie Akpe Lewis is probably one of the most accomplished women you will ever meet. Not only is she a banking and finance?executive, she is also a force to be reckoned with in the digital media and technology space; her expertise is leveraged by many in the African Diaspora to inform their activities and decisions. So how does she do it all without missing a beat (like seriously)?!

Well we asked, and we received. We?found out more about the super cool life of Anie Akpe Lewis beyond the boardroom.

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Current location
Brooklyn, NY.

Country of origin

Educational Background
I have a Bachelor?s Degree in Business and Master?s Degree in Management and Leadership from Dowling College.

Current job title(s)
My full-time job is Vice-President of Mortgages at a financial institution in New York City. I am also the Founder & CEO of IBOM LLC and Innov8tiv Magazine.

Brief description of IBOM LLC/Innov8tiv magazine and your full time job as Vice-President at?a NYC financial institution?
At IBOM LLC, our solutions are designed to address everything from major strategic issues to more basic problems affecting everyday business practices. Along with being a guide, we host seminars, cultural and tech events.

Innov8tiv Magazine is a subsidiary of IBOM LLC and offers tech news with an emphasis on Blacks in Technology in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean Islands and Africa. There were a lot of tech sites, but none offered a place where I could read about what was happening with black people in technology globally. Innov8tiv started with the idea of being able to offer Blacks in Technology a platform to showcase their latest creations and also offer the latest news on the tech industry.

At my full time job, I manage thirty-five?employees and the Units that I oversee are mortgage loan originations, servicing of the mortgage loan and the loss mitigation area.

As it relates to your startups, what do you do at each one?
At IBOM LLC, I advise small business owners on marketing and growing their brand.? With Innov8tiv Magazine, I create content and I edit some of the articles.

Tell us about a current or up and coming project you are passionate about
I am currently testing my app called Networq, which will be launched in June.

As it relates to events, I love food and technology. For the second year in a row, we are partnering with African Restaurant Week to host a panel on technology in Africa and in the Diaspora, while munching on delicious African brunch meals.

A typical work day
My day jump starts at 5:30am. I meditate, workout and leave the house by 7:30am. After I finish my banking job at 5pm, I come home and review articles being posted on

Favorite part of your job
Some days I may get behind on my own established schedules. So for me, accomplishing my daily work and being a week ahead of schedule is my favorite part of being an entrepreneur.

If you had to list your top three favorite apps (or tech products), what would they be?
I use these Apps several times within the week: Mint, Waze and TextCutie apps.

Were you always passionate about the tech space? What did you envision yourself growing up to become?
In high school, I joined a group called Distributive Education Clubs of America DECA . This organization?s main goal is to work with emerging leaders who have an interest in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, Management and Entrepreneurship.

Each year for four?years, we had to create a product, show the budget, market and sell the product. We also had to give presentations on the products we created. During this time, we had technology at our disposal and it was great to watch our product come to life. It was even better when we won competitions. I loved this part of my high school experience so much; I will always remember my teachers? names for making such a great impact in my high school years.

Needless to say, this program stirred my interest in technology and entrepreneurship.

What are your list of five things successful people do, or should be doing on the weekends?

  • At least one day should be your own. I personally choose Saturday to disconnect & catch up with friends and family.
  • Exercise: I don?t do well with cold weather activities so I?m in the gym. Summer time is great for outdoor activities such as walking the park; it allows you to just relax.
  • Use Sunday night to plan for the week: You can put everything in its proper perspective during this time.
  • Do something totally unrelated to your week day routine.
  • Go out and have fun!


Does your weekend routine have something to do with how you have achieved and maintained your success?
Completely! Without it, my life now wouldn’t be possible.

Best professional advice you have ever received
Stay focused. Whatever you desire is within your reach if you stay focused on the goal.

You live in the city; what is your favorite spot for lunch or a quick break?
When I?m in Manhattan, its Pound and Pence. In Brooklyn, I typically go to Buka Nigerian Restaurant.

Interesting hobbies
I take time to meditate daily. This summer, I will be at the beach and you can catch me walking across Brooklyn Bridge.

Who would you regard as your mentor(s)?
My Uncle, Michael Van Tull.

What is your advice for young individuals who are interested in business and technology, particularly on the continent and in the Diaspora?
Join groups that will help you build on this interest. Also, get a mentor.