A Peek Into Brazil’s Thriving Wine Culture

For anyone who has ever been to Brazil, it is safe to say that it is a country that works hard and plays even harder. With its long sandy beaches, good music and its great nightlife, there is a lot to enjoy. On the rise of course, is the country?s wine culture.

While the Brazilian wine industry is relatively young, it has evolved into an emerging leader in the global wine market that continues to attract foreign sommeliers and connoisseurs, who are eager to experience the pleasure that is locally made Brazilian wines.

At the moment, Brazil is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world after the United States. However when one thinks of alcohol and Brazil,Wine what comes to mind is the more famous national cocktail ? the Caipirinha, a sweet & sour drink made from the cacha?a (distilled from fermented sugar cane juice), muddled lime and sugar. With over a thousand wineries across the country, the investment in vineyards and wineries, coupled with the country?s climactic diversity have made way for the development of high quality labels.

While the interest in Brazil?s burgeoning wine culture is palpable among foreign nationals, what remains to be seen is how well locals can adapt their palates; the average wine consumption in Brazil is just a little over two liters per capita.

Venues like the Escola de Vinho Miolo (The Minolo Wine Group) attempt to promote the culture of wine by offering courses in wine tasting. For more information on the wines of Brazil, visit: Wines of Brasil.

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