62b2a9_7d9b50b7ebfe1d6299adcd407c05a9dbBode Pedro?is often known as “Mr Technology”, a power in the Nigerian tech industry who seeks to change the face of technology in the country and the African continent. This is hardly surprising as this game changer was a child prodigy.


While his fascination with computers began at the age of 8, he began tutoring on computer literacy at the age of 13, and only a year later ran his first business designing websites and assembling computers. He received his Bachelors in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, an Honors University in Maryland.?Today he is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer of?VEDA Technology, a company that develops premium personal computers that are tailor made for the needs and interests of its customers.


He continues to remain a high achiever. In 2009, he?received?the Young IT and Telecoms entrepreneur of the year award, becoming the youngest recipient in history to win this award.