An Oil & Gas Professional Shares His Views On A Place He Currently Calls Home

Considering a move to a foreign country? Expatations features foreign nationals from countries?around the world who share their insights on life in their adopted countries and what to expect in-country. We feature Andrew, an expat?who calls Lagos, Nigeria?home.

Where are you originally from?
Houston, TX

Where are you living now??
Lekki, Nigeria

What is your occupation?
Petroleum Geologist

What do you enjoy most about Lagos and how would you rate the quality of life??
Like most, people?s faith in God and the quality of life is good

Would you say that it is a city for young single professionals, couples or families with children?
It is a city for couples or families

Would you be able to speak to the educational system in Lagos – what is available at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education??
There are?a variety of schools for primary and secondary education.? There are a good number of private international schools and religious schools as well

What does the expat community in Lagos look like? ?
The expat community?is very diverse and transient.?There are people from all over the world here in Lagos

What is the cost of living in Lagos, would you say it is an expensive place to live relative to other African cities?
I live in company housing and probably not representative of most, but I think that it is similar to other major developing cities

How would you rate the public transportation in Lagos? What is the best way to get around??
I don?t use public transport.? I just drive my private car

How would you rate healthcare in Lagos?? are there any hospitals or clinics you would recommend??
I don?t use the public healthcare.? My company has a private clinic.? If problems occur, Gbokoda Hospital is where we go

Are there any areas or suburbs within the city that you would recommend for expats to live in??
Yes, Lekki, Victoria Island (VI), and Ikoyi

What is the weather like year round?
It is consistently warm and humid

Is there a large expat presence in Lagos??
Yes.? It may not be obvious, but going to events like the Small World Festival really shows you the number of expats in Lagos

In your experience, what do you think are some stereotypes about Nigeria that you wish to dispel??
That Nigerians are lazy

Was it easy for you to meet new people and make new friends??

What are some of the local hangout spots and what are some fun activities to do over the weekend?
Going to good restaurants (checkout the ratings on TripAdvisor). ?On Weekends, going to the movie theater.

What is the shopping experience like in Lagos??
Shopping isn?t too bad and actually better than expected.? Things are getting easier to find and more options available.

In your opinion, what would you say the city is best known for??
Center of amassed culture — it is a melting pot and really rich in culture

Do you ever have to worry about your safety??
Yes, especially on the road at night

What are the biggest adjustments you had to make, if any? How is the culture here different from yours??
My biggest adjustment is being patient with people and time

Is there anything else that you would like expats considering a move to Lagos or Nigeria in general to know??
The more you put into your experience, the more you will get out of it.? Try new things.? Get out.? Meet people.? Go with the flow.? Overall, things are getting noticeably better every 3-6 months?more goods, more developments, more public improvements

Image: Looks Like Lagos