khanSouth African media is big business, and among those who make the greatest impact are those who are well versed in the ?ins? and ?outs? of the industry.

Alan Khan is a seasoned veteran who has been actively involved in the South African media space for well over two decades. He got his start in 1990 when he took on the role as a radio presenter for Capital Radio 604. He remained in this position until 1996, after which he took on a similar role at East Coast Radio. His tenure at East Coast Radio enabled career success, as he eventually became the station?s deputy managing director, where he inspired others to achieve their dreams and goals.

Until 2011, Khan was the Chief Executive Officer of Jacaranda 94.2 FM. Today he is senior director at Durban University of Technology, his alma matter, where he also received the Silver Tusk Award – an annual award given by the University in recognition of outstanding achievement.

Today, in the wake of Khan’s leadership, Jacaranda 94.2 is South Africa’s number 1 independent commercial radio station, with ratings of over two million listeners.

While he is widely acknowledged as a successful media personality, Khan is also well educated and adeptly merges his book smarts with his natural passion for the world of media. He graduated from the Durban University of Technology where he received his degree in Journalism – Broadcasting and Political Science. To further his career, he later went on to study Management at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Beyond this, he studied Broadcast Leadership & Radio Management at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Currently, Khan is a Talk Show Host on SABC Lotus FM. He is based in Durban, South Africa, and continues to remain a voice to be reckoned with over the airwaves. He balances his work with his family life and university commitments while working on his lifelong goal of helping to change lives for good. According to him, his greatest achievement has been the birth of his two sons.

Catch Alan weekdays on his daily talk show Walk the Talk with Alan Khan via SABC on Lotus FM, Mondays – Thursdays at 19h00-20h00.

Image: LinkedIn