ICYMI: Africa Rising Among The World’s Most Livable Cities

Our world has become markedly unstable ? what with the recent shootings in France and stories of civil unrest in certain parts of the United States, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, some of the world?s population is living in cities which are experiencing new or ongoing conflict.

In spite of it all, Africa is rising, slowly but surely. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit?s 2015 Global Liveability Ranking, cities including Harare, Lagos and Nairobi reported an increase along the index from 2010 to 2015, along with cities like Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Kathmandu and Baku, Azerbaijan. The cities of Tunis, Tripoli and Cairo in the Middle East & Northern Africa region (MENA) reported decreases along the index, which comes as no surprise given stories of escalated crisis.

The Global Liveability Index is based on thirty factors across five key areas:? stability, infrastructure, education, healthcare and environment. Of course, what makes a city ?liveable? is all relative, and reflects individual preferences and averages, which do not necessarily account for outliers — Lagos traffic anyone?

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