A Rich Culture & History Inspired ?100 Years Of Beauty? In The Dominican Republic

Dominican women are all about the paj?n, in a very good way.

Producer of the ?100 years of beauty in the Dominican Republic?, Kayla ?Lala? Rodriguez, ?was inspired by the country?s growing trend towards embracing natural hair.

Hairstyles over the last 100 years are a reflection of the life and times of strong, historical female figures including Mam? Ting? and Juana Saltitopa, activists who fought for the rights of agricultural workers and also inspired the campesina look of?the 1910s, all the way to the look in the 2000s, which was partly inspired by Miss Universe 2003, Amelia Vega.

Lala also shares a little bit of cultural trivia.

?In the 1980s, Dominican women used to put beer in their hair in order to create more volume and create more puffiness. I guess it was go big or go home.?

Watch the video above for more inspirational looks.

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