Restaurants To Visit: 805 Restaurants


What:?805 Restaurants satisfies many of its patrons of West?African?descent who crave their epicurean fix, and unlike many of their competitors, they bring in an even more diverse crowd of different cultural persuasions. Their secret is in the traditional dishes that they serve up in a stylish environment that could easily be mistaken for an?upscale?spot in the heart of London.

When:?805 is located on 805-807 Old Kent Road, London SE15 1NX and is easily accessible by rail or bus.

Why:?An eclectic menu is enough to get your curious palates wanting, with servings of their chicken suya or plantain served over jollof rice. But that’s not all. The team at 805 wants to ensure that their guests consistently?receive?high quality service – a great place to enjoy your time with your chic friends now, innit?

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