5 Movies That Will Inspire You To Travel More

There are plenty of movies out there that will inspire you to start planning that next trip?the trick is just to find and watch them! Here’s our list of five of the best travel movies out there. And we’re not talking about movies where you see just a snippet of life in a city; we are talking about?ones where the characters get out and explore. Looking for something great to watch? Check these out:


If you’re looking for a movie to watch with the whole family, this is a great choice! It’s a heart warming story about a young boy, Xan, who helps raise an orphaned cheetah named Duma. He?then helps it travel across a large portion of South Africa and into Botswana to return to the wild. There are plenty of pitfalls along the way, but eventually, Xan is successful and Duma is reintroduced into the wild. Not only is it a sweet movie, but you’ll love the scenic views of the African continent that the duo traverse on their journey.

The Way
This movie is about a father (played by the talented Martin Sheen) who hikes the Camino de Santiago in Spain in memory of his son, who died attempting the hike. He meets a whole host of interesting and quirky characters along the way and begins to question the comfortable, work-driven life that he led prior to his journey. You can stream the movie here on Netflix’s Instant Watch, but honestly, this movie is?so good, that it’s worth buying for keeps. If the sweeping views of the Basque country and the freedom of the road aren’t calling your name after watching this, it’s time to re-examine.

Rick Steves’ Europe
Well, technically this isn’t a movie but a TV show, but if Rick Steves’ travel series doesn’t have you motivated to get out the door and do some exploring, I don’t know what will! You can find many of the episodes for free streaming on Hulu. If you’re outside the United States, just use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide Hulu with a US IP address so you can get around the site’s geo-blocking. You’ll be able to see sites from Portugal to Prague and everywhere in between, and there’s a good mix of history, culture and humor in each episode. Bonus: Many of the free episodes are from well over a decade ago, so they can often be humorous just based on what everyone’s wearing in the episodes!

Eat Pray Love
Based on the popular novel, this movie chronicles the journey of a writer (played by Julia Roberts) who, disenchanted with her life back home following a painful divorce, sets off on a journey through Italy, India and Indonesia to see what she can learn along the way. She learns to enjoy the simple things in life and explore her spiritual side, then works to find a balance between the two that she can take back to life in the ?real world?. Even if you’re not interested in the ?finding oneself? aspects of the story, you’re sure to find something to love in the beautiful destination scenes included in the film. And hey, who can resist the call of the road with Neil Young’s ?Heart of Gold? running through their head?

Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Not only is this movie full of laughs (and available for streaming on Netflix), but it’ll also have you dreaming of that getaway to France. Due to a number of mishaps along the way, Mr. Bean ends up seeing a lot of Paris and the French countryside on his trip from London to Cannes. Although that charming ?authentic? French village is really just a set for a commercial! Of course, all the blunders Mr. Bean makes may have the more faint-of-heart vowing never to travel again, but really, part of the joy of travel is encountering the unexpected and overcoming those obstacles (like a language barrier) along the way.

Those are some of our favorite travel movies, but there are, of course, many more of them out there. What about you?what are your favorite travel movies??


Jess Signet is an avid traveler and also a movie geek. She loves to travel and share her knowledge and experiences with others.